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At Beaver Creek Printing we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly FSC certified recycled and partially recycled paper. FSC stands for the ‘Forest Stewardship Council’. This organization sets standards on the forestry and paper manufacturing industry and only certifies companies that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. FSC certified wood suppliers must protect habitats, prevent pollution, plant more trees than are harvested, and avoid displacing native peoples and harming wildlife. The FSC also requires forestry companies to have a management plan, which includes long-term objectives for maintaining the health of the forest.

The FSC also ensures that paper manufactures are operating in an environmentally sustainable way. FSC certified paper is chlorine free and is carbon neutral meaning the manufacturers used renewable energy sources to operate their machinery.

FSC certified paper is either entirely recycled or made from mixed sources. Despite partially using freshly cut trees, mixed source paper does not necessarily mean that the paper is less environmentally friendly. This is because mixed source paper requires less processing and thus fewer carbon emissions are produced in the manufacturing process. The FSC has different certification labels. One indicates that the product is sourced from 100% well managed sources, another verifies the paper is recycled, and then they have certifications for products that are from mixed sources (both recycled and from well-managed sources).